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Ministry, Fellowship, Fundraiser
Tuesday, May 14th
5:30pm - 8:30pm
reminder two days after Mother's day wink

Dinner Catered & Donated by:

Served 6pm-7:15p

100% Event Sales will directly benefit Ministry Programs

Featured Guest: Taylor Kemp  Come hear DC United Soccer star share his testimony: "Conversion in a Locker Room"

THIS TIME WE'RE GOING BIG !!!  A Catholic Christian TAKE OVER of the entire Lagunitas Beer Garden! A night of fellowship and fundraising to benefit the ministry programs of the Santa Rosa Diocese. Ministry and fellowship are not restricted to church buildings... SO COME JOIN US AT LAGUNITAS!

Music  ♦  Raffle  ♦ Witness Talks  ♦ Games  ♦ Celebration

Your generosity supports: Large Events & Small Discipleship Efforts

  • Summer Discipleship Camp "Youth on a Mission"
  • Summer Eureka Mission Trip
  • Steubenville Conferences
  • Youth Day
  • OnFire NorCal Jam Rally
  • Speakers visiting the diocese
  • Coffee shop meetings
  • Relationship management with Youth Leaders
  • Retreats & Conference for Youth Leaders
  • Lunch gatherings


For More Information Contact: Sean-Carlo Afre 415-730-4154 or  Jason Pech 415-913-0044
email: Stephen Morris -

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