Finding Time for God

March 28, 2017
How do you "find time" for God in the midst of busy family life? Is it possible to live each day as a prayer? 
As a new mom, finding time to kneel down and pray is difficult, if not impossible, most days. Sometimes I can barely find time to eat a healthy meal while taking care of my baby. I know that connecting with God is the food my soul desperately needs but I don't always find the time or make the time. So how do you "find time" for God? I've been learning lately that God is always right there; we can pray to Him as we feed the baby, change diapers, and struggle with nap time. We can find God in every single moment if we just take the time to look for Him. We can make each moment of our day a "prayer" if we take the time to connect with God during our busy day. For Lent, I committed to reading the daily readings and say aloud morning prayers but sometimes when my days are crazy, all I manage to do is to talk to God internally while taking care of my precious daughter, Grace. 
God, who is all merciful, just wants to have a relationship with us, and I believe that He wants us to invite Him into our daily lives, especially the messy stressful parts. I also believe that when we make efforts to connect with God and talk to Him daily, He will bless us. My goal over this next month is to say a nightly rosary with my husband since this is what we used to do before our daughter was born. Praying and connecting with God takes a lot more effort when you have a child but I'm learning that I need God now more than ever to be able to make it through parenthood with joy and grace! My challenge to anyone in the midst of busy family life (myself included) is to set aside a time each day to connect with God in some special way and then watch how He blesses you and your family!